Teach Ray a Home Screen Shortcut

If your original remote has a button for Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, or Smart TV Hub, Ray can learn it from your original remote. 

1. To begin, tap the Add button (+) at the bottom of the home screen.
2. Have your original remote control handy and tap "Learn from my remote."
3. Select the device associated with the remote Ray will learn this command from. This may be a Smart TV, Roku, Blu-Ray player, or other media device.

4. Point your original remote at Ray and press the button that you want to teach Ray. The illustration shows how you should position Ray and your original remote. Watch Ray's screen closely and tap the button a second time when prompted.


To minimize interference, avoid placing the remotes on top of a glass table and keep them out of fluorescent lighting.

5. When successful, a confirmation screen will appear to show that Ray is saving the learned command.
6. Tap "Done" on this screen and Ray will take you through some steps to confirm the button works as expected.

You can also add this new button to your virtual remote: How to Customize Your Virtual Remote Buttons.

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