Connecting Ray with Philips Hue Lights

You asked, we listened. You can now use Ray to control your Philips Hue lights. To add the Philips Hue App to your Ray, just follow the steps below.

1. Select "Philips Hue" from the list of devices on Ray.
2. Tap the "Add Philips Hue App" button and the Philips Hue App will be added to your Ray's Home Screen. If you are adding the Philips Hue App from Settings, select the Home button at the bottom of the screen to exit Settings and return to the Home Screen.
3. Scroll down Ray's Home Screen and find the Philips Hue App icon. Then select it.
4. You will see a "Welcome to Hue on Ray" screen that explains how Ray must connect with your Philips Hue Bridge in order to control your lights. Select the "Find My Bridge" button.
5. Ray will now scan your wireless network to find and connect with your Bridge. If Ray does not find your Bridge, please check that Ray and your Philips Hue Bridge are connected to the same wireless network.
6. Once Ray has found and connected with your Bridge, there's one last step to complete the pairing. Go to your Philips Hue Bridge and press down the button in the middle of the top of the Bridge.
7. You're in! Welcome to controlling your Philips Hue lights using Ray. 


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