How do I use an IR Repeater with Ray?

IR Repeaters (also known as an IR Relay or IR Extender) are a commonly used solution to control equipment out-of-sight with an infrared remote control. IR Repeaters work by receiving the IR signals from the remote, converting and transmitting them over a wire to the hidden enclosure where the equipment is located. There the signals are converted back to IR signals, which are then blasted at the equipment.

To be used with Ray, an IR Repeater needs to be placed in line of sight of where you use your Super Remote (normally close to the TV). It will then receive the IR signals and transmit it to the IR emitter which should be placed in line-of-sight of the hidden equipment you wish to control.

When the setup is correct, every IR signal blasted by your Ray Super Remote aimed at the IR Repeater will travel through the wire to the enclosed space where the equipment is hidden. There the signals will be blasted through the emitter and the equipment will respond to all commands as if it were directly in front of Ray!

There are many IR repeaters available for sale, and the one that’s right for you depends on how many devices you intend to control and how far away are they are from your living room. Please look here for some IR Repeater options.

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