How to Reset Your DISH Hopper

If you are a DISH Network customer with a Hopper or Joey satellite receiver, your Ray can control your receiver over Wi-Fi and provide special DVR and On Demand features. In order to access these features, your Ray and DISH receiver must be paired with each other during Ray Setup or in the Ray Settings menu.
Occasionally, for various reasons, your Hopper may become unresponsive to some or all of Ray's attempts to communicate with it. If this situation arises, and you are not also experiencing an issue with your Wi-Fi connection, it may be easily fixed by resetting your DISH Hopper. In order to reset your Hopper, please perform the following steps.
  1. Press the remote's "Menu" button to bring up the Menu on your TV screen.
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Go to “Diagnostics"
  4. Select “Reset Receiver"
  5. Your DISH receiver will now reset. This will take a short period of time. 

After the receiver is reset, please go back to Ray and see if the issue you were experiencing has gone away. If it has not, please contact customer support. 

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