How to Hide (and Unhide) Channels

If Ray is recommending shows from channels that you do not like or have, you can adjust this within the TV App or in settings. This article is a step-by-step guide for Settings. 

1. On Ray’s home screen, tap the "Settings" icon

2. Tap "TV Content Preferences"

3. Tap "All Channels."

Note: If you are missing a premium channel, learn more about adjusting this in How to Add Premium Channels to My Lineup and Ray's Recommendations.

4. This is the list of all channels available from your TV provider. Ray recommends shows from all channels that are switched "ON." 

If a channel is switched "OFF," shows from this channel will not be recommended nor will they appear in any Search results. 

Tap on the "ON/OFF" switch to adjust the channel's setting. 


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