How to change the IR code set assigned to my device

During remote setup, Ray needs to identify the correct IR code set that controls each of your devices. We do this by testing Ray against our "library" of IR code sets for the device's brand. Most of the time we'll get the right match during setup, but it is possible that the wrong IR code set was assigned to your device.

1. Tap the settings icon on your home screen.

2. Tap the list item "Devices."  

3. Select the device that is not working properly

4. On the device screen, swipe down and select “Advanced Settings” 
5. Tap on "Change IR Code Set". Note: This option will not appear in Advanced Settings if your brand has only one IR code set.

6. Note that the IR code set that is currently in use has a green check mark next to it. The other IR code sets in the list are associated with your device’s brand and may work with your device.

If you know the code set number, tap "Enter a code set number" and follow Ray's prompts to change to the specific code set.

7. Tapping on any of the IR code sets will bring you to a screen where you can test the code set to see if accurately controls your device.

Test the most critical buttons before deciding to use the code set: Tap the "Test" button next to the command name and see if it successfully performs the function on your device. 

If you DON'T want to use the code set, tap the "<" (back) button to return to the previous list and choose a different code set to try. Once you've found a code set that works, tap the "Use this Code Set" button to assign it to Ray.

A green checkmark will appear next to the IR code set that is now in use.


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