Replace or Restore my Ray

If you are resetting or replacing a Ray, you can sign in with your existing account and we will retrieve all your account settings, device details and viewing preferences.

To do this, follow these steps once you've connected Ray to Wi-Fi:

1. On the "Lets create your account" screen, tap the "I already have an account" button.


2. Enter the email address you use for your Ray account and its password, then tap the "Sign in" button. If you can't remember which email address you used, contact us for help. 



3. Restore your Ray:

To reload your Ray with your settings, preferences, and device info tap the "Restore this Ray" button. Give Ray a few moments to retrieve all your settings, and presto: Ray's ready to go (and no more setup steps for you to do!)

If you'd prefer to set this Ray up as new, tap "Set up as new" and Ray will guide you through the rest of setup. 

4. Replace your Ray:

If you've got a new remote and you want to transfer the settings, preferences, and device info from your previous Ray, tap the "No, replace an existing Ray" button. 

If you have more than one Ray in your household, you'll be asked to select the Ray you wish to replace. Hit confirm and Ray will do the rest.

Note: This option will wipe your data from the original Ray.


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