Tapping a TV program doesn't work or is too slow

When you find a currently airing TV program that you want to watch in one of Ray’s apps (TV, Kids, Sports, or Best of TV), if you tap the program, Ray should change your TV channel to it. If this isn’t happening or you are noticing that the cable box is slow to change to the program, there are a few settings that can be adjusted to fix this:

1. Send "Enter" command after the channel number

Some set-top boxes need a confirmation command such as "enter" or "OK" to actually change channels. Or, to change channels quicker. Here's how to set Ray up to do this for you: Send "Enter" command after channel number

2. Add extra zeros to the start of the channel number

Some set-top boxes change channels quicker if they receive the same number of digits each time. Here's how to always send 3 or 4 digits, regardless of the channel number: Prefixing the channel number with zeros

3. Send channel number only

Some set-top boxes work best with just the channel number, no additional commands or zeros. By default Ray prefixes all channel numbers with zeros, so here's how to change that default setting: Send channel number only

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