How to Change Device Inputs

If Ray is not changing inputs when you select something to watch or do, it could be that the inputs haven't been set up correctly. It's easy to check and change these in Settings. Here's how:

1. On Ray’s home screen, tap the Settings icon

2. Tap "Devices"

3. Select the device that is not switching to the correct input

4. The input settings are shown in the section "Inputs Used to Watch..." Select the one that you need to change.

5. This screen shows all available inputs from which to select. A green checkmark appears next to the selected input. 

Tap the "Test" button to check which input switches to the device. When you've found it, tap on its name to select it. A green checkmark will appear and you'll be taken back to the previous screen. 

6. Tapping "Test Inputs" will change inputs on the TV and audio device (if one has been set up).


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