Accessing Full TV Listings

We think you’ll love this new, genre-based way to discover TV content that Ray’s Live TV app makes available to you.


But we know that In some cases you may want to just quickly scroll through everything that’s on.  The All Channel Guide allows you to do just that - you can see 7 channels at a time and scroll seamlessly through the next 14 days of TV programming without having to use your set top box’s “guide” feature.

To access the All Channel Guide, just tap on the options icon on the top right of the screen in the Live TV app, and select the first option in the menu. If you’re used to browsing the old way you can still do so but without disrupting what you’re watching on TV now.  Touch any program to get more information and move to the Info Screen.

In addition to quick access, the All Channel Guide gives you an easy way to manage channel preferences - you can touch the channel logo and go to that individual channel’s schedule.  From there you can add the channel as a favorite, watch what’s on that channel right now or scroll through and see what’s on later.  If you wish to be reminded of a program or movie that’s coming up you can do that directly from here.

If you are a DISH customer, the All Channel Guide also includes information about DVR status - if a program or movie is currently set to record, has already been recorded or there’s a recording conflict that information is all shown within the Guide’s programming grid.

Finally, the All Channel Guide also allows you to quickly navigate back to the current moment - if you’ve scrolled extensively to see what’s airing tomorrow and you want to come back to the present moment the “now” button on the top left of the screen will bring you back to the present.

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