Enhanced DVR Features: DISH

Through a special partnership with our friends at DISH Network, Ray has been able to move the entire DVR management experience off your TV screen and into the palm of your hand. This allows convenient access to your DVR without interrupting the program you and your family are currently watching.

On Ray, you can just swipe and tap quickly and easily scroll trough your recordings, play and delete programs, or even manage your future recordings.
Once you open the DVR app you'll find My Recordings and Daily Schedule.

My Recordings
is a list of all recordings on your DVR. It's sorted to show your newest recordings first. By just scanning the list, you can quickly see how many episodes you have of each series and when the last episode was recorded. Open a series and you'll get the full list of episodes with the episode name, airing date, and length of each recording. Haven't watched it yet? Ray shows an indicator to let you know. Started watching it but haven't finished? Ray presents a progress bar to show how much you've seen. Want to watch it now? Just touch it.
Daily schedule
is a list of all your scheduled recordings in chronological order. You can manage your future recording from the Detail Screen of the program: cancel an individual or series recording, or even skip one episode of a series.


To learn how to use enhanced DVR features please read:

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