How do I set something to record? (for DISH customers only)

You can record a show that is airing now or schedule to record a show in the future.

Open the Detail screen of program you’d like to record by tapping on the arrow next to the program’s title. Select the “Record” button and your show will start recording.
If it’s a series you can select either to record only this episode or the entire series.
If you chose to record series you have the option to record:
All episodes (will record all episodes that are airing on this network)
Only new episodes (will record only new episodes airing on this network).

The show scheduled for recording will appear on the Daily Schedule tab in the DVR app. You can always cancel a future recording  if you’ve changed your mind.

Once the show has started to record / has recorded you will see it on the My Recordings tab in the DVR app. It’s easy to delete a recording if you need to free up some space on your DVR.

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