How to fix a button on my virtual remote

If you are experiencing issues with the buttons on your virtual remote, you should first check if the IR code set that you are using has an update. Your specific issue may have already been addressed by the Ray team with an update to the code set.

If that didn't help, follow these steps to fix the button: 

1. Tap the settings icon on your home screen.

2. Tap the list item "Devices."  

3. Select the device that has the broken command

4. Tap “Advanced Settings” (you may need to scroll down to find it.)
5. Tap on "Customize Commands"

6. This screen contains a list of all the available commands for your device. Scroll the list to find the one that relates to the button you are trying to fix.

Tap the "Test" button to test the command. Tap the grey arrow to see more detail about the command, including options to fix it.

7. From the command detail screen you can teach Ray the command, or you can change the code source of the command with another one from our database of codes.

To change the code source, tap “Code Source” and continue to step 8.

To teach Ray the command, tap “Teach Ray” and continue to step 9 (you’ll need your original remote control for this). 

8. Code Source

Scroll the codes listed in the “Code Source” section to find the one that you want. Tap the “Test” button to try out the command. Tap the new command to select it and you’re done! A green checkmark will appear next to the newly selected code.

To show that the command’s code source has been changed, an “Updated” indicator will appear beneath the command name.

9. Teach Ray a command

Point your original remote and position the two remotes as indicated in the illustration on Ray. To make sure that the command you want to teach Ray is being sent properly, it’s best to place the remotes on a table to keep them steady while learning the command. In order to minimize infrared interference, do not place the remotes on a glass table and keep them away from fluorescent lighting.
Press the button on your original remote that you want to learn. Make sure to press the button and avoid holding down the button because this will send multiple sets of the command. Ray will ask you to blast the command again in order to confirm that Ray has learned it.
When successful, a confirmation screen will appear to show that Ray is saving the learned command.

10. You will be brought to a screen where you can “Test" the newly taught command or “Teach Ray Again.” Tap “Done” if you are satisfied with the new command.

To show that the command has been learned, an “Learned” indicator will appear beneath the command name.

To restore the default setting, tap on the customized command and select “Restore Default” from the command detail screen.

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