How does swiping work on the remotes?

Most of Ray's "virtual" remotes include a Navigation touchpad, which allows you to move through menus and lists that display on the TV screen.

  • Swipe on the touchpad left, right, up, or down to move through on-screen options
  • When you've reached the option you want, tap anywhere on the touchpad to select it
  • Both swiping and tapping create a white "glow" on the touchpad so you know it's working

And if you ever need a refresher on how the touchpad works, just tap the little "?" button in its upper-right corner to see a quick animated tutorial. 

Swipe-and-hold for Longer Lists 
Instead of repeatedly swiping, at the end of your swipe simply hold your finger down on the touchpad—it's the equivalent of holding down an arrow button on your old remote. Just release your finger when you reach the option you want.
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