When I switch devices or apps, Ray doesn’t change what’s showing on my TV

A single tap on the main power button, a program or an app on the home screen should successfully switch the input on your TV and audio device to the correct input. If you are finding that Ray does not change what's showing on your TV, these are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

Have a Clear Path:

Make sure that Ray is pointed with a direct line of sight to your devices. Check that there are no obstructions (furniture, etc.) between Ray and your TV that might block the infrared signals

Check Input Selections:

Ray may be sending the wrong inputs for the device. Check and change the inputs assigned to a device in Settings. Learn more in How to Change Device Inputs.

Enable HDMI-CEC Settings:

If you are using a receiver or soundbar with Ray, you may have HDMI-CEC settings enabled on your receiver/soundbar which affects how Ray needs to switch inputs. Learn more in How to enable HDMI-CEC Settings for your A/V receiver or soundbar.

Adjust the Power-On Delay:

Power-on delay refers to the time between when a device starts up and when it is ready to start receiving additional infrared (IR) commands from a remote control. Some devices get up and running quickly, while others don't power up quickly enough to be ready for Ray's input signal. Learn more in How to adjust a device's power-on delay.

Enable Manual Input Switching:

Some TVs are not able to understand discrete input commands, but rather have one command to change all the inputs. You might experience this when you repeatedly tap the "source" or "input" button on your old remote and it changes what you're seeing on your TV. This can be enabled in settings, learn more in How to enable and use manual input switching.

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