How do I control my A/V receiver or soundbar using Ray?

If you use an audio device such as an A/V receiver or soundbar with your entertainment system, Ray provides a "virtual" remote that includes all the features of your audio device’s physical remote control.

You may not need to use this remote very often—since you can control volume and mute with Ray’s physical buttons (on the right side of the remote). And even if your audio device is what switches inputs, you'll almost never need to do it with the "virtual" remote since Ray switches inputs automatically.

However, if you like to control more specific features and settings on your audio device, you can do that with the Receiver or Soundbar remotes. Here's how...

 1. First, make sure you're doing a task that uses your audio device, then tap Ray's remote button (at the right of the bottom navigation bar), which opens the "virtual" remote for whatever device you're currently watching
2. Tap the remote name to open the remotes menu, then tap "Receiver Remote" OR "Soundbar Remote"
3. For other audio device features you used on your old remote control, such as mute and input switching, tap the buttons on the bottom button grid.  


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