Infrared Compatibility

Ray supports thousands of brands and models of audio and video equipment. However, not all devices are created equal and there are a few of them that Ray may not support out of the box. 

IR (infrared) control has been around for decades, and with time came variations between devices and protocols and different ways the IR codes are sent and understood by living room equipment. There are so many different devices out there that it's impossible to test them all one by one! But rest assured we gave it our best shot.

Ray gives users access to a huge database of infrared codes, ensuring broad support for all devices you might commonly find in living rooms in the United States. And if you encounter any issues setting up any of your devices, Ray provides a set of with self-service tools you can use to solve them. Using Ray, you're able to learn, customize and configure codes and change the way Ray talks to your equipment so they understand each other like good friends.

We made it really easy for you to set up Ray in your living room very quickly and painlessly. But if you need help configuring your equipment, don't worry - our support team is a phone call or email away.

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