Connecting with Your Media Player

Before you get started, make sure there's a clear path between Ray and your media player so the infrared signals can get through unobstructed (no furniture, people, or pets in the way).

Note This guide is for media players other than Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, DVD or Blu-ray players.
1. Tap Media Player on Ray's list.
2. Turn on everything you need to use the media player and tap the button when you're ready.

3. Tap the brand name of your player (swipe to scroll through the list to find it, or start typing the brand in the search box until you see it come up)

I can't find my device brand

4. From the list that appears, tap the code set that you want to try (don't worry if you're not entirely sure about it—you'll get to test it out in the next step before you commit).

5. This screen shows the list of commands available in the code set. Swipe up and down to see the complete list. To test any of them out, tap the command name and see if it successfully performs the function on your device.

If you want to be absolutely certain the code set is a good match for your device, you can test the entire list of commands! Alternatively, test the buttons you use the most. At the very least, make sure you can power your device on and off (look for the "Power On," "Power Off" or "Power Toggle" buttons).

If you don't want to use the code set, tap the "<" (back) button to return to the previous list and choose a different code set—then repeat step #2 and #3.

Once you've found a code set you're satisfied with, tap the "Continue" button.

6. You'll see a confirmation screen that Ray is set up as your media player's remote; tap the "Continue" button to continue with setup.


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