About Input Switching

One great thing about Ray is that once you’ve got it set up, you don’t need to think about “inputs” or “source” ever again. You choose what you want to do and Ray activates everything you need to do it, including: powering everything on, changing the inputs, flipping to the channel and displaying the correct virtual remotes. Nice, eh!

Ray learns how to do all of these things during the setup process. For example, TV sets have different ways to switch their inputs and this affects what Ray needs to do to display your devices on screen. Some TVs can receive a specific command for each of their inputs. Ray is able to send this command to tell your TV to change when you’ve selected what you want to do.

Other TVs have one command to change all their inputs. You might experience this when you repeatedly tap the “source” or “input” button on your old remote, and it changes what you’re seeing on your TV. Other TVs will need a “Source” command to be sent to open a list of inputs and require directional commands to select the correct input. During setup, these TVs will be set to "manual input switching." This means, when you select what you want to do, Ray will display buttons for you to tap until you see the correct device active on your screen.


Ray generally figures out what your TV needs during set up, but it can also be done in Settings

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