Connecting with Your Xbox, Roku, or Apple TV

Note The images in this article refer to Roku, but the same steps apply for Apple TV and Xbox.
1. Tap the device you would like to add from Ray’s list.
2. Follow the instructions on screen and tap the button when you’re ready.
3. From here, Ray will ask you to select inputs.
If you use an A/V receiver or soundbar that you haven’t yet added, now’s the time to do it. Learn more in I use my A/V receiver or soundbar for some but not all devices.
4. Once you’re back at this screen, hooray! Ray is your device’s new remote. At this point, you can add another device, or tap the “Continue” button to finish setup and start using Ray.

Note: Throughout the setup process, you can always tap the "<" (back) button to re-do a step.

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