I use my A/V receiver or soundbar for some but not all devices

Ray works with all kinds of home entertainment setups, giving you flexibility when setting up your A/V receiver or soundbar. The first time you are asked about any audio device is right after you’ve set up your cable box or satellite receiver. Skip it if you don’t use it for live TV and follow the steps below after you’ve added the device that uses it.

Once you’ve added the device that uses your A/V receiver or soundbar, you will get to this screen asking you to select the inputs you use on your TV for this device.

Tap the link “I also have an A/V receiver or soundbar” and Ray will guide you through setting up your audio equipment.

In certain instances you may be asked if you use an A/V receiver or soundbar each time you add a new device. Tap “skip” or make a selection when it applies.


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