The inputs for my TV and/or audio device are not included in Ray's list

Device inputs can have lots of different names; the ones in Ray's lists represent the most common names used by electronics manufacturers. 

If you don't see one of your inputs listed, don't worry! Most likely it's in there but we're just calling it something different. Try these steps:

1. Look for something similar on the list—for instance, maybe your input is called "Cable" and in Ray's list it's called "Cable sat."

2. That didn't work? Just keep trying choices from the list and repeating Ray's "Fire away" test to confirm whether the input works. Start from the top of the list and work your way down (since more common inputs are listed first).

3. Tried them all and still no luck? It might be how your TV handles input switching. Ray guides you through this in a short series of steps.

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