During soundbar setup, Ray's physical volume buttons don't work with any of my devices

If you're adding a soundbar during setup, Ray will ask you to test its physical volume buttons to confirm they change volume on the correct device.

1. While running through this volume test, make sure you test the physical volume buttons thoroughly: moving up and down several increments - if you only press the buttons once you might not even notice if volume has changed. And, don't forget to tap "mute" too. 

2. After tapping a volume control, Ray will ask if the control worked. Tap "no" if it did not work, and Ray will ask you to re-do the test while sending volume signals to a different device. Ray will attempt this for your soundbar, TV and sometimes cable box/satellite receiver. 


3. If none of the tests work with any of your devices, Ray will offer you a few options.

Go back and try again

Tap this and you'll start the soundbar connection process again. We recommend giving it one more try, following these tips:

  • Make sure you select your correct soundbar brand in the first step
  • Check that there are no obstructions (furniture, etc.) between Ray and your soundbar that might block the infrared signals
  • Tap each test button a couple times and keep a close ear on your soundbar to see if it is responding.

Move on and fix it later
Tap this and you'll skip your soundbar and continue with the rest of Ray setup. Don't worry, it's not critical for now. Once you've got Ray up and running, you can add your soundbar through Settings.

Fix manually
If you know your soundbar's infrared code set and you're comfortable testing out commands on your own (rather than through Ray's guided setup process), you can tap this option. Learn more: How do I manually assign the IR code set for my device?

Take me to customer support
Really stuck? Don't worry! Our Ray Support Team is happy to help. Tap this option to see contact information for our team, or just contact us through this website.

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