I don't see my DIRECTV receiver on Ray's list

Is Ray not detecting your DirecTV Genie, Genie Mini or other Wi-Fi enabled receiver? Here are a few things to try:

1. ABSOLUTELY the most important thing: Ray and your DirecTV receiver have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Please make sure that they are.

2. Sometimes Ray may not detect your DirecTV receiver on the first try. Tap the "Try again" button 3-4 more times to be sure. 

3. If steps 1 and 2 don't work, reset your receiver. Here's how to reset your Genie

4. If none of these steps work, reset your Ray.

If Ray still does not detect your DirecTV receiver please contact us.

Note: If your receiver is not Wi-Fi-enabled then it won’t appear on this list. But that’s no problem! Even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi- receiver for your DIRECTV service, you can still use Ray—just check out Connecting with Your Set-top Box.

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