I’m not seeing a PIN to activate Ray’s connection to my DISH Hopper or Joey

First, be aware that no matter which DISH receiver you’re setting Ray up with, the PIN for activating that connection only appears on the screen of your Hopper-connected TV. So, if you’re connecting your Ray to a Joey, head over to the room where your DISH Hopper lives—that’s the TV that will display the PIN you need.

If you're not seeing a PIN on the Hopper TV, try these steps:

  • Make sure the Hopper and its TV are both on and that you’re seeing live DISH satellite service playing
  • Make sure that the Hopper is connected to Wi-Fi on the same Wi-Fi network that you connected Ray to

If this didn't help, request a new PIN by following these steps:

1. On Ray’s screen, tap the “I don’t see a PIN” link

2. Tap the “Send PIN again” button. You should now see the PIN appear on your Hopper-connected TV’s screen. If this process is still not working, contact us for help. 


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