I'm a DISH subscriber but I don't have a Hopper or Joey—can I still use Ray?

Absolutely. Ray is compatible with hundreds of brands and models of devices, including satellite receivers. So if you’ve got DISH satellite service, Ray can almost certainly control whatever satellite receiver you’re using. Just follow the steps in this guide: Connecting with Your Set-top Box.

Be aware that Hoppers and Joey’s are DISH’s Wi-Fi-enabled satellite receivers, and their Wi-Fi connectivity allow Ray to provide enhanced features such as full access to the DISH DVR and On Demand services on Ray's touchscreen. With a non-Wi-Fi-enabled DISH receiver, you won’t get those extra features on Ray—but you’ll still get all the great advantages of Ray’s content-rich apps, highly personalized program recommendations, and easy-to-use touchscreen remotes for all your TV-watching devices.

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