None of the attempts of test buttons are working with my DISH satellite receiver

If you have a DISH satellite receiver that isn't responding to any of the attempts of test buttons, you may need to turn on its infrared setting before you can proceed with Ray setup.

Steps to enable infrared: 

1. Press Menu three times to get to IR Settings. 
2. Press and hold SAT until all 4 buttons light up
3. SAT button will start blinking
4. Press Number 1 (setting IR channel)
5. SAT stay lead
6. Press "#" button – SAT will blink 3 times
7. Press "Record" button, setting should be stored.

Once your receiver’s infrared is turned on, pick up Ray again, hit the “Back” button until you get to the start of the satellite receiver setup process, and try it again.

Learn more in this article on the DISH website. 

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