When Ray confirms inputs, I don't see the right thing playing on my TV

Ray always tests to confirm we have the correct input setting for each device you add during setup. It's working correctly when you see the device you’re adding on your TV screen. If this does not happen, try these troubleshooting steps:

Note The images here refer to watching cable, but the steps are the same for DISH receivers, DIRECTV receivers, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Blu-ray players, DVD players and all other media players you add during setup.
1. Tap “No” on this screen and Ray will ask you to try the input test one more time.
2. Before you tap “Fire Away,” follow these tips:
  • Confirm that all your devices are still turned on (your TV, A/V receiver or soundbar if you have one, and the device that you’re currently trying to connect)
  • Check that there are no obstructions (furniture, etc) between Ray and your devices that might block the infrared signal
  • When you tap “Fire Away,” keep a close eye on your TV and audio devices for any indication that inputs are switching—for instance, the input name appearing on the TV screen.
3. If you are now seeing your device active on your TV, hooray! Tap “Yes” and continue with setup. If you’re still not seeing your device, it might be that the wrong inputs were selected—you can easily try others by hitting the "Change your selection” link at the bottom of the screen. Select different inputs and try again.

If you’re sure you have the right inputs selected, tap “No."
4. Ray will now have you test an alternate way of handling input switching. Tap the "Input Scroll" button to see if it switches what you see active on your TV. Feel free to tap it a few times to be sure.
6. If this button successfully switches through your TV inputs, hooray! Tap "Yes" to finish your device setup. This means that your TV requires manual input switching. If this button did not successfully switch your TV inputs, tap “No.

7. Select an option from the menu or contact us for more help.

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