Nothing happens when I tap a test button

During remote setup, Ray needs to find the right set of infrared codes that allows it to connect to your device and control all its various functions. We do this by testing the individual codes of certain buttons. It may take a few tries until we make a successful match—which is why sometimes when you tap a test button, nothing happens.

So first things first: tap the button again, a couple times just to be sure, and keep an eye on your device to see if it responds. Different test buttons are used for different devices. Understand more about what should be happening in these articles:TV test buttonscable box test buttonssatellite receiver test buttonsA/V receiver and soundbar test buttonsBlu-ray player test buttons and DVD player test buttons

Still no response? Here are some other things to consider:

  • Is there anything that might be getting in the way between Ray and your device—a piece of furniture, a person, a pet? Infrared communication requires an unobstructed path between Ray and your device.
  • When you tap the test button, do you see a small light blink at the top center of Ray's screen? That light is an indicator that Ray is trying to send out an infrared signal. If there's no light, there may be a problem with your Ray remote—so contact us for help.

If that test button's still not doing anything, let Ray know by tapping "No" when asked if it worked. Continue to follow Ray's prompts, and it should eventually be able to connect with your device.

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