How do I know what I use (TV or soundbar) to control volume?

If you're adding a soundbar during Ray remote setup, Ray will ask you whether you use your soundbar or your TV to control volume. This is so when you tap Ray's physical volume buttons they change volume on the correct device.

Note to A/V Receiver users: With an A/V receiver, the physical buttons will change volume on your A/V receiver by default. If this isn't correct for your setup, you can change it in Settings.

For starters, does your soundbar have its own remote control that you use to adjust volume? If so, no-brainer: let Ray know that your soundbar controls volume, and Ray will take it from there.

On the flipside though, if you use your TV remote control to adjust volume, it doesn't necessarily mean your TV set controls volume. It's possible that the volume buttons on your TV remote control were reassigned to control the soundbar. You might be able to tell by seeing what happens when you use those buttons: Do you see a volume indicator change on your TV screen? Or do you see something change on the soundbar itself? That might let you know which device is controlling volume.

Don't worry, though, if you're not sure. Just pick one of the choices and Ray will test everything thoroughly to figure it out.

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