How do I manually assign the IR code set for my device?

The Ray remote setup process is designed to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to connect Ray to your devices. You don't need to know anything about infrared (IR) communication or codes—Ray will guide you through the necessary steps. But if you do know your device's IR code set, and you're comfortable testing out infrared commands on your own, Ray lets you do that too. 

Note The images in this article refer to TVs, but the same steps apply to all IR-controlled devices including cable boxes, satellite receivers A/V receivers, soundbars, Blu-ray players and DVD players.

1. Tap the "Advanced Setup" link at the bottom of the screen.

2. From the list that appears, tap the code set that you want to try. Don't worry if you're not entirely sure about it—you'll get to test it out in the next step before you commit. 

3. This screen shows the list of commands available in the code set. Swipe up and down to see the full list. To test any of them out, tap the command name and see if it successfully performs the function on your device. 

If you want to be absolutely certain the code set is a good match for your device, you can test the entire list of commands! Alternatively, test the buttons you use the most. At the very least, make sure you can power your device on and off (look for the "Power On," "Power Off" or "Power Toggle" buttons).

Once you've found a code set you're satisfied with, tap the "Continue" button. 

If you don't want to use the code set, tap the "<" (back) button to return to the previous list and choose a different code set—then repeat step #2 and #3. 


4. You'll see a confirmation screen that Ray is set up as your device's remote; tap the "Continue" button to continue with setup. 


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