I can't find my device brand

The Ray remote is compatible with hundreds of brands and models of all devices and we're regularly adding to that list as new equipment appears on the market. See our full compatibility list.

First off, make sure you've got the right name: we're talking about the brand of your device. For example, with a cable box this is completely different from your cable provider and is not always prominently displayed. Take a moment to look around your cable box to find that info.
For the majority of satellite TV customers in the U.S., their TV service provider also provides the receiver device. So if you're a DISH subscriber, most likely you have a DISH brand receiver; likewise, if you're a DIRECTV subscriber, you probably have a DIRECTV brand receiver.  
There are a few device brands that may be known by more than one name, or may have changed names over the years—so if you're still having trouble finding your brand on Ray's list, you might want to check online if there's an alternate name (especially if you have an older device manufactured under the company's previous name). 
Once you’re confident you know the brand, try entering it into the Search box, just to be sure it’s not there. If you still don't see your device brand, contact us. Our support team will be happy to help figure out how we can make Ray work for you.
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