Is my DISH service national or local?

When setting up Ray, you'll need to tell Ray who your television provider is so that the remote can present you with an accurate channel lineup, program listings and details. If you specify the wrong provider, your Ray remote will still work but it may not reflect the channels and schedule you actually see on your TV. 

When you enter your ZIP code, Ray will display a list of available TV providers in your area, and you must select which one you have. If you have DISH satellite service, you may see two choices on Ray's list:

  • DISH Network; USA - National
  • DISH [your state] (i.e., local)

How do you know which DISH service you have? You could check your DISH bill or online account. But even simpler, answer this question: Do you get the major TV networks on your TV—that is, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.?

  • If you answer Yes, you have DISH local to your state (because you're getting those network channels through their local affiliate stations)
  • If you answer No, you have DISH National (because you're getting only TV channels that are nationally available)


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