Searching for TV Shows, Movies and Cast & Crew

How do I use Search?

From Ray’s home screen, tap the search icon and the search screen will open. Ray will start returning search results as you type.

How does Ray determine search results?

Ray compares your entered search terms to program details from the TV provider (such as channel and program names, episode titles, cast members, etc.) to provide accurate, useful matches. Search results are listed in order of air time (with currently airing programs showing first), and according to keyword relevance.

I’m not getting any search results for something I know is on TV
There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Remember that Search only covers the next 14 days of program information, which is what’s made available by TV service providers. 
  • Search will exclude any results from channels you have “hidden”—so you may want to check your channels list, “un-hide” any currently hidden channels, and try your search again.

Does search also cover streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?

No, Ray’s Search feature only covers programming from your cable or satellite TV provider. If you want to search your streaming services, you’ll need to do that separately through the device you use to access them (like Apple TV or Roku).

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