How to Open and Switch Between Ray's "Virtual" Remotes

Opening Remotes

Opening Ray's "virtual" remotes is always contextual to your current task. That means if you're watching live TV or your DVR, Ray will default to opening your cable or satellite remote; if you're watching, something through a media player, Ray will open that device's remote.

There are two ways to pull up the remotes:

1. From the remote button

Tap the remote button that's always available at the right of Ray's bottom navigation bar; this opens the remote for your current task.

2. When starting a task

If you change your task by tapping an icon on Ray's home screen, Ray will ask you to confirm that change and then automatically opens the remote you need.


Switching to other Remotes

Opening a "virtual" remote actually opens a bundle of remotes needed for your current task. The primary device remote will always open first. Follow these steps to switch to others:

1. Tap the remote name at the top center to open the remotes menu.

2. Tap the remote you want. 



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