Enhanced On Demand Features: DISH

If you're a DISH customer, you will have access to enhanced On Demand features. Ray makes it easy to browse on demand shows and movies by categories and by network and simply play it onto the TV.


Browse Programs by Category & Genre
Browse all of the Latest Releases or even just the Movies, TV Shows, or Family programs. Feeling like something more specific? Browse by genre to easily find an Action, Animated, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi, or even Western program. Every genre can also be filtered to show just the Movies, just the TV Shows, or both.

Once you're in the On Demand app, swipe left or right to access the categories and genres, just like the TV app.

Watch Programs

Once you find something you want to watch, just select the “Watch” button and Ray will tell your TV provider to download the requested program to your DISH receiver. The “Watch” button will switch to an animated “Loading” icon and Ray will track the download of your program.
Once a small percentage of the download has completed, there will be enough of a buffer to begin watching and Ray will present a green “Watch” button. Once you see the “Watch” button, select it, and the program will immediately start playing on your TV.
If there is a price, tap on the price to start downloading the program. You have not yet made the purchase and will only be charged when you watch the downloaded program. Once you see the green “Watch” button, select it and you will be asked to confirm the purchase.
Want to download several programs? Go right ahead and select as many as you want. We’ll put them in a queue in the order you requested and when the current download finishes, the next one will begin. Changed your mind about a program in the queue? Just select it again and we’ll remove it from the queue.

My Rental List

My Rentals where you can see a list of every On Demand program that’s ready to watch or in queue. To watch the program, select the green “watch” button and it should start playing on your TV.



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