What do the audio device test buttons mean?

This is a list of the audio device functions we most commonly test during Ray setup; tapping the test button should perform the function described below. (You may not see all of these buttons during your particular device setup.)

Mute Toggle

When you tap this button, listen: the sound should stop (or start, if it was already on mute). Tap a few times to be sure.

Volume Up

When you tap this button, listen carefully to your TV and/or watch the volume indicator on either the TV or audio device: the volume should go UP. Tap a few times to be sure.

Power Off

This button's a no-brainer—it should turn your audio device off.

Occasionally we may need to test some other functions to help confirm Ray is able to control your device. Don't hesitate to contact us if you see a button you don't understand.

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