Connecting with Your Wi-Fi-Enabled DIRECTV Receiver

Once you've connected Ray to your TV set, it's time to get it talking with your DIRECTV satellite receiver. If you’ve got a Genie or other DIRECTV receiver that has the Cinema Connection Kit, Ray connects to it over your Wi-Fi network.

Note: This guide is for DIRECTV customers with a Genie or receiver that is Wi-Fi enabled with the Cinema Connection Kit. If you use any other satellite receiver for your DIRECTV service, check out Connecting with Your Set-top Box.

1. Turn on everything you need to watch live TV and tap the "Yes I can see DIRECTV" button.

2. Ray will display a list of DIRECTV receivers that are on your Wi-Fi network; tap the name of the receiver for the TV to which you just connected Ray.

I don't see my DIRECTV receiver on Ray's list

3. And that's it! You’ll see the “Hello DIRECTV” screen to confirm setup. 


Note: Throughout the setup process, you can always tap the "<" (back) button to re-do a step.

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