I don’t see my DISH Hopper or Joey on Ray’s list

Not seeing the DISH Hopper or Joey you want on Ray’s list during remote setup? A few things to consider:

  • Are you sure you know the name of the receiver you want? Sometimes they’re labeled clearly—like “Living room” and “Bedroom”—so they’re easy to pick on Ray’s list. But sometimes it’s not so obvious. 
  • This may be a little obvious, but...are you sure the DISH receiver is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi? Humor us—double-check just to be sure.
  • The Hopper or Joey you want to use must be on the same Wi-Fi network you connected Ray to a few steps back—so check on that as well.

If you’ve fixed either of these last points, go back to Ray, hit the “Back” button, and tap the “Yes I can see DISH” button again to see an updated list of available receivers.

Still not finding it? Are you sure the receiver you want is actually a Hopper or Joey (which are Wi-Fi-enabled)? There are many other kinds of satellite receivers you might be using for your DISH TV service. If your receiver is not Wi-Fi-enabled then it won’t appear on this list. But that’s no problem! Even if you don’t have a Hopper or Joey for your DISH service, you can still use Ray—check out Connecting with Your Set-top Box.

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