Connecting with Your DISH Hopper or Joey

Once you've connected Ray to your TV set, it's time to get it talking with your DISH satellite receiver. If you’ve got a DISH Hopper or Joey, Ray connects to it over your Wi-Fi network. Before you get started, remember that each Ray remote controls only one TV and its corresponding equipment. If you’ve got multiple TVs with multiple DISH receivers in your home, in this step connect your Ray to the Hopper or Joey that is used by the TV you connected to in the previous step.

Note: This guide is for DISH customers with a Hopper or Joey. If you use any other satellite receiver for your DISH service, check out Connecting with your Set-top Box.

1. Turn on everything you need to watch live DISH TV and tap the "Yes I can see DISH" button.

2. Ray will display a list of DISH receivers that are on your Wi-Fi network. Tap the name of the Hopper or Joey used by the TV to which you connected Ray.

If you're connecting a Joey, go to step 3. For a Hopper, go to step 4.


3. At this point, you'll need to go to your Hopper-connected TV and turn it on to see an activation PIN on that TV's screen.

  4. Enter the PIN that you see on the Hopper-connected TV.

I'm not seeing a PIN for activating Ray's connection to my DISH Hopper or Joey 

  5. Hooray! Ray is your new DISH remote.

Note: Throughout the setup process, you can always tap the back button to re-do a step.

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I'm not seeing a PIN for activating Ray's connection to my DISH Hopper or Joey

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