How do I reset my Ray?

Are you replacing your entire entertainment system with a new one—new TV, audio device, other equipment? (Congrats!) Or maybe you're passing on your Ray to friends who need to set it up for their system? (Lucky them!) Whatever the reason, every Ray remote can be reset to "like new" status, which clears it of all information previously entered about TV provider and services, viewing interests, and devices. You may also want to reset your Ray and restore all of your current settings, if for example, something went wrong.

1. On Ray's home screen, tap the Settings icon
2. Tap on "General"
3. Tap on "About This Ray"
4. Tap on "Reset" located at the bottom of the screen.
5. Ray will ask you to confirm that you do indeed want to reset the remote, so tap the "Reset" button if you're sure.
6. Ray will restart at this point, and you'll see the familiar "Hello" screen; follow Ray's prompts to connect the remote to Wi-Fi.
7. To create a brand new Ray account for a new user, tap the "Create new account" button and follow the steps as you did the first time you set up your Ray.

To keep your account and restore your settings or if you're wanting to add a new Ray to your existing account, tap "I already have an account" and follow the steps in Replace or Restore my Ray.


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