Parental controls

We take parental controls very seriously and make our best effort to make sure that Ray fits into your family’s life while respecting your content consumptions choices.

Ray works with the parental control levels you have configured in your living room equipment. If you have set up parental control settings in your Set Top Box, Ray will not be able to switch to a channel that is not allowed. Additionally, if you have configured any parental control settings in your Media Player, you would not be able to use Ray to play forbidden content, as with your original remote.

Ray automatically filters adult programs and prevents them from appearing in recommendations, in the All Channel Guide and in Search results.  In addition, Ray’s editors closely monitor the programs that do appear in Ray to ensure that inappropriate content does not get featured.  

If you do wish to see adult content, you can adjust this filter in Settings / TV Content Preference and change the “Show Adult Content” setting from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’  However, even if the setting is changed to show adult content, that adult content will not appear in your recommendations, you will need to locate it either through Search or through the All Channel Guide.

Additionally, you can also hide any unwanted channels by tapping ‘Hide’ on the Info screen for a program that is airing on that channel. Programs from a hidden channel will not appear in your recommendations or Search results and the channel will no longer appear in the All Channel Guide.

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